About Us

Kevin Clegg is the owner of North Georgia Arbor Management. The North Georgia Arbor team have been putting safety first for over 10-years while providing exceptional tree services in the North Georgia area.

North Georgia Arbor's team are experts at removing trees in tough places, so size, number, or location is not an issue. No matter how tight the spot, they will safely and efficiently remove the tree in question. The North Georgia Arbor team consists of expert riggers and climbers that will methodically plan the tree removal. The team meticulously plans every cut and drop, before any activity commences. Everyone’s safety is our priority. The time spent planning also helps to protect nearby trees. They go to great lengths to have the least amount of impact on your yard. Our goal is to return your landscape to look the same or better than before any work.

In addition to being thoughtful about their approach to pruning or removing your trees, North Georgia Arbor is known for spikeless tree pruning that protects trees from damage. You can also turn to them for a variety of tree care services, including:

24/7 Emergency tree services

Disaster strikes and you need help immediately. We provide 24/7 emergency tree services. If a tree falls on your house or property, we can respond immediately to remove the tree and temporarily seal up your home or property from further inclement weather damage.

Commercial tree services

We provide extensive tree maintenance and emergency services for business parks, office complexes, apartment complexes, and real estate management companies.

Residential tree services

We provide extensive tree maintenance and emergency services for homeowner associations, residential homes, farms, and other landowners.

Spikeless tree-pruning and trimming:

Schedule tree-pruning to maintain your trees’ health and extend their lifespan.

Tree removal:

Safely remove damaged or diseased trees while also keeping your healthy trees out of harm’s way.

Stump removal & grinding:

Grinding a stump down, so it’s no longer an eyesore or a potential safety hazard on your commercial property.

Tree cabling and bracing:

Sometimes trees grow in ways that will eventually promote disease and decay, and we have several solutions to revitalize and prolong a tree's life.

Underbrush cleanup:

Has your property become overgrown with tall grass, weeds, vines, small trees, kudzu, and other underbrush? We will mow down everything in the specified area, and we can haul off all debris to leave you with your property cleaned and revitalized.

Land and lot clearing:

If you need tree removal for site prep

Retention pond cleaning:

Has your retention pond become overgrown with tall grass, weeds, vines, small trees, and other underbrush? We will clear out your retention pond and haul off all of the debris, and leave you with your retention pond cleaned and revitalized.

North Georgia Arbor - removing large white oak in sections

Customer Testimonials

North Georgia Arbor - Customer Review - 5 Stars

Wes Barnett
Best tree service company I've ever used! Showed up when they said they would and cut several trees that were growing out over my house. I will only use and recommend North Georgia Arbor Management from here on out! Thanks guys and again great job!

North Georgia Arbor - Customer Review - 5 Stars

Nick DeDominicis
Kevin is very professional and very informative when he came out and gave me a quote and an arborist report on the health of my trees. The work was completed in a safe professional manor. Will be using Kevin again. Highly recommend.

North Georgia Arbor - Customer Review - 5 Stars

Josh S
Awesome team of guys. Kevin is very knowledgeable and professional. Best tree guys I’ve hired and I’ve worked with several companies. He will be getting all of our business from now on! Highly recommended to family/friends or anybody. 5 stars!

North Georgia Arbor - Customer Review - 5 Stars

Dr. Lisa Ariella Kramer
Kevin provides exceptional service. He went beyond what is expected and assisted us out of his jurisdiction Kevin and his crew saved our and our neighbors home and our lives from a dangerous tree by cutting down the trees and cleaning the yard from previous sloppy work of others and neglect from previous investment company did not take care of property. Kevin and his crew given us a warm southern hospitality welcome to our new home in GA. Thank you for restoring our faith in humanity. If you are looking for an ethical, hardworking. Licensed and bonded arborist who will go the extra mile is Kevin and his crew Thank you Kevin and your crew making our yard beautiful.

North Georgia Arbor - Customer Review - 4 Stars

Krishan Patel
This review is for FIREWOOD only. I give a 4 star because I can't seem to figure out 4.5 and 5 stars would mean I had nothing negative to say. The firewood was seasoned, just wet. Really wet. It took about a month before they would catch and stay lit. That is really my only complaint. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT to me! After stacking this is how much wood there was. I ordered 1 cord (4ft x 4ft x 8ft) which is 128 cu ft. after measuring, my big pile was about 77 cu ft and the smaller one was about 40 cu ft. I also took some upstairs and stored some in a cupboard which is about 6 cu ft. That is 123 cu ft. When he told me he usually adds a bucket just in case, he was definitely telling the truth. Besides Kevin being such a nice guy, this reason alone is why I will continue to get firewood from North Georgia Arbor Management and why I would recommend anyone to get it from him. So to summarize Kevin: 5 stars Wood Quantity: 5 stars Wood Quality: 4 Stars Now I can say I know a guy!

North Georgia Arbor - Customer Review - 5 Stars

Doug Klassen
Kevin was great to work with, responsive and professional. He even got his crews out to work in the rain because he's an old school hard worker and knows what it takes to get the job done. I would recommend him to anyone that needs his service.

North Georgia Arbor - Customer Review - 5 Stars

Laurie Morano
North Georgia Arbor Management LLC came highly recommended to us by another Tree company that did not service our area. Kevin was here the next day, with a lot of knowledge and answers for us. Unfortunately we were not able to save our tree, but Arbor was top notch with the quote, removal and clean up! Thank you!e.

North Georgia Arbor - Customer Review - 5 Stars

Travis Howe
Kevin and his team did an outstanding job in taking down several trees on my property. They are highly professional and very competitively priced. They protected my grass by laying down plywood when their heavy machinery went over it. One of the best tree climbers to top a large wild cherry tree that I have ever seen. They cleaned up very well after they finished taking the trees down and loading them. I highly recommend these guys to anyone. I will never call anyone else for tree removal. North Georgia Arbor is the best. Travis