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Tree Removal

There are times when even the best arborist can’t mitigate the issues affecting a tree’s health. When pruning, pest treatments, cabling, bracing, or fertilizing aren’t viable solutions, then North Georgia Arbor will navigate you through the requirements, steps, and options of tree removal.

We are experts at removing trees in tough places, so size, number, or location is not an issue. No matter how tight the spot, we will safely and efficiently remove the tree in question. Our team are expert riggers and climbers, and we will methodically plan any tree removal. We meticulously plan every cut and drop to ensure everyone’s safety. The time we spend planning and helps us to protect nearby trees. We also go to great lengths to have the least amount of impact on your yard. When we are done, you will have a hard time noticing any disturbance to your yard or property.

Lastly, we are your local tree ordinance expert. Tree ordinances in counties and municipalities that we service are becoming more restrictive, and we will help you work with the local government arborist and to file the proper permits. Don’t get surprised by a several thousand dollar fine, because you were unaware of the new local tree ordinances. We will make sure that that you know all of the potential risks and how to navigate the government requirements. We can also help you with any additional tree planting that might be required or recommended.

North Georgia Arbor Cutting up pine tree

Tree in a tight spot?
When you have a diseased tree that’s nestled in-between healthy trees, it can be tricky to remove it. We remove trees in tight spaces safely and efficiently and protect healthy trees during the process. We can also use a boom truck to remove trees, if needed.

North Georgia Arbor chipping pine tree
North Georgia Arbor workers gathering tree branches