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Annual Tree Services

We provide residential and business clients with annual service contracts to assess and maintain their property’s trees and shrubs for any potential health issues. We also will make yearly adjustments to any tree cabling or bracing to make adjustments for growth. We are well versed in the common pests and diseases that are impacting trees and shrubs in our area, and we also know how to effectively trim, prune and apply specialized chemicals to promote and ensure the long-term health and growth of your trees and shrubs.

Annual Tree Services

  • Assessing tree health
  • Yearly pruning
  • Removing unhealthy growth
  • Reshaping to promote long-term growth


If we find an issue, North Georgia Arbor has the experience and training to advise you on what are the most effective treatments for your trees and shrubs, and when those treatments should be made on your trees and shrubs. You can count on North Georgia Arbor tree service to provide superior quality service and advice to ensure the long-term health of your property’s trees and shrubs.