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Residential Tree Services

North Georgia Arbor has a top-rated arborist on staff, and we serve residential clients in Cobb, Cherokee, Dawson, DeKalb, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Hall, North Fulton, and other Metro Atlanta areas. Our experienced ISA-Certified Arborist will quickly assess your property’s tree and shrub health. Additionally, we provide detailed estimates so you know what you will pay before any work is done.

Homeowner Associations

Many homeowner associations opt for one of our scheduled service plans that are specifically tailored to ensure the schedule, needs, and long-term health of your neighborhood’s common area trees and shrubs. Furthermore, we work with our HOA clients to make sure that our work is completed on the least disruptive schedule for your association’s residents. We also help your HOA quickly address any emergency tree services.

Tree Trimming, Pruning, and Removal

Proper tree trimming, pruning, and/or removal can make the difference in maintaining or improving your neighborhood’s overall looks and appearance. The North Georgia Arbor team goes to great lengths to ensure that they complete every service with the least amount of impact. Ultimately, our goal is to complete our work so seamlessly that you wouldn’t have known that we had just completed a large tree removal.

Our Promise

Why Choose North Georgia Arbor Management?

To Provide Unparalleled Tree Care Services in North Georgia

Whether you need answers about saving, treating, or removing your tree, give us a call. We are you will guide you with affordable options for your desired outcome.

Tree removal:

The North Georgia Arbor team will safely remove damaged or diseased trees while also keeping your healthy trees out of harm’s way.

Tree pruning and trimming:

The North Georgia Arbor team practices spikeless tree climbing to trim damaged or diseased tree limbs, maintaining your trees’ health and extending their lifespan.

Residential tree services:

North Georgia Arbor has a top-rated arborist on staff, and we serve homeowners across Metro Atlanta and North Georgia with a full range of tree care and emergency services.

Tree cabling and bracing:

Sometimes trees grow in ways that will eventually promote disease and decay. We have several solutions to revitalize and prolong a tree’s life.

Storm damage and debris removal:

Has the aftermath of a bad storm left your property littered with tree and storm debris? Our team will clean up and haul off all debris, leaving your property clean and revitalized.

Underbrush cleanup:

Has your property become overgrown with tall grass, weeds, vines, small trees, kudzu, and other underbrush? We will mow down everything in the specified area and haul off all debris, leaving your property clean and revitalized.

Land and lot clearing:

If you need complete or partial tree and underbrush removal for any site prep or lot clearing, we have you covered.

Retention pond cleaning:

Has your retention pond become overgrown with tall grass, weeds, vines, small trees, and other underbrush? We will clear out your retention pond, haul off all of the debris, and leave it clean and revitalized.

Growth control:

We expertly apply growth enhancer or inhibitor chemicals that can limit or expedite tree and shrub growth for better long-term health.

Annual tree services:

Let North Georgia Arbor take all of the worry out of your property’s trees and shrub health. We offer several annual maintenance plans that can be customized to meet your exact needs.

Stump removal & grinding:

We work with several stump grinding partners that provide fast and affordable services. We will ensure that any tree stump you choose to remove will be expertly handled, so it’s no longer an eyesore or a potential safety hazard on your property.