Tree Pruning and Trimming

    Give us a call to schedule one of our arborist to assess your property and what you would like done. Our ISA certified arborist will provide you a detailed explanation of what should be done to maintain your trees’ health and extend its lifespan. We practice spikeless tree climbing to ensure that no unnecessary damage is inflicted on your tree, while maintaining industry's best safety practices to protect our staff and your property.

    Proper tree trimming, pruning, and/or removal can make the difference in maintaining or improving your property’s overall looks and appearance. The North Georgia Arbor team goes to great lengths to ensure that they complete every service with the least amount of impact. We’re are known for spikeless tree-pruning, which protects your trees from damage during the pruning process.

    Tree Pruning Services

    • Removing unhealthy growth
    • Reshaping to promote long-term growth
    • Yearly health assessments and pruning


    North Georgia Arbor is also expert at ornamental pruning, which is more than just cutting back fast-growing ornamental trees and shrubs. It actually is more complex because every ornamental tree or shrub species has some unique characteristics that influence when, where and how it should be pruned. We understand how the area’s most popular ornamental species grow and how various pruning techniques we use can affect a tree’s growth and long-term health.

    Ornamental tree pruning is something that is recommended to be done on a yearly basis to promote healthy growth and overall appearance. Effective ornamental tree pruning will astatically improve the curb appeal of the home, and this can include everything from yearly pruning in while the trees or shrubs are dormant or less active, to pruning during the summer to reduce growth or to encourage healthy future growth. Whatever your reason, we will provide ornamental tree pruning to improve your home’s appearance and curb appeal.