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Growth Control

Growth control is more than just applying fertilizer to make your trees and shrubs grow faster and larger. In fact, improperly fertilizing trees and shrubs can actually hurt their long-term growth and health. In general, this is because fertilizers do not promote root growth. Fertilizers do promote the canopy’s growth, but this can actually make a tree top heavy. Trees with large canopies that are not supported by well-developed root systems then become more susceptible to toppling from high winds or violent storms.

Our primary growth control applications will limit a tree’s grow which would limit canopy growth but allow for root development to encourage a healthier specimen. North Georgia Arbor has the experience and training on what are the most effective treatments, and when those treatments should be made on your trees and shrubs.

We understand how to properly care for North Georgia’s most popular trees and shrubs, and we are well versed in the common pests and diseases that are impacting trees in our area. We also know how to effectively trim, prune and apply specialized chemicals to promote and ensure the long-term health and growth of your trees and shrubs.

We also make can recommendations for irrigation and protecting specimen trees during and after construction.